watched you take another drag.
kinda sexy when you’re smoking.
saw you at some show
at mabel’s in july, azure
in your hair, my mouth
too close to your ear.

i’m screaming in your ear.
this noise is a drag.
the sahara’s in my mouth.
i’m really gonna quit smoking.
in a few hours, azure
streaks the sky. i’ll show

you maybe if you show
me maybe that your ear
knows how to hear azure
secrets and keep them. drag
the hours all spent smoking
into my babbling nervous mouth.

surprise at 2am. my mouth
dropped. this wasn’t a show.
you’re on my porch, smoking,
shifting, sweating, and my ear
is cold from september wind. drag
i won’t sleep tonight. azure

clouds in my stomach, azure
feathers tickle my heart, mouth,
words. promise you won’t drag
me down dusty roads. show
me gray matter behind ear
and i’ll teach you smoking

ain’t that harmful when smoking
without the cigarette, inhaling azure
shotgun style rapid fire, ear
tuned out, attention to mouth.
surprised you hardcore, freak show.
fucking sunlight is a drag.

no sleep is a drag. you’re smokin’.
let’s go to a show. i’ll wear azure
in my smile and your mouth on my ear.

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