Patagonia AZ, probably 2005.

Strange to live in a community where there is so much love, support & healing and still sometimes feel very much alone. Haven’t figured this out yet, and don’t plan to. Part of it is illusion of duality at times but there is more beyond this place, this episode of space. I like the aloneness, […]

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about smoking.

A floating plastic ashtray, party apple red standing around waiting to get drunk keggers, college, house parties waiting for the fun & games to start three dead & dying cigarettes once aflame pitta being smoldered lungs not caring b/c they have no chance when up against the mind corrosive habits if I get cancer I’ll […]

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Jason was shy  in a way that made you think he was intelligent, enigmatic  in a way that made you guess what his life was like before he split.  His plaid and leather jacket was his second skin, a security blanket during summer’s most brutal days. Bondage pants and pole climber boots, safety pins that […]

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short poems, because national poetry month.

chrysalis sweetpea poddivining goldenrodfrom thistles, silk emerge nestled quintupletsmultiple upsetssilence, the funeral dirge. His eyes are dead,they don’t do their job.And still we walk toward him. auscultation i gave awaymy stethoscopeso i could hearyour insides better throw on a black dressyou think i’m intriguingnot as much as the sight of you leaving Koyaanisqatsi when didstressbecome a noun? Thor […]

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